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Electric Heat Canada is dedicated to helping the home owner, the Do-It-Yourselfer, and the contractor find the best electric heating products while providing outstanding customer service. We supply electric force flow heaters, electric convective heaters, electric radiant heaters, electric portable heaters, and thermostats at competitive prices in Canadian dollars.

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  • Fan Forced

    Fan Forced Heaters

    For the fastest recovery time from cold, and to get a large coverage area, fan forced heaters are the best option. We’ve got several options ranging from industrial unit heaters to small wall mount heaters.

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  • Convection Heaters

    Convection Heaters

    For silent operation and to offset perimeter heat loss, convection heaters are a great choice. We offer baseboard style or wall mounted convection heaters to suit your needs.

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  • Radiant Heaters

    Radiant Heaters

    Widely accepted as the most comfortable form of heat, radiant heating warms bodies and surfaces directly instead of warming the air, just like the sun! We can assist with selecting the best radiant or infrared heater for your application.

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